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Shake Shack is the best real burger franchise growing rapidly. With a 36 percents growing rate. The recent sell off by funds is overdone, therefore GORKAM capital is opening positions at 62. MACD has reached historical low for anyone to consider to purchase for a chirstmas pop. 

The top 3 stocks are our core investment for GORKAM Capital. GORKAM fund has growth from 18K to 500K from 2010 to 2019 July in 9 years. Our capital value continue to grow. We are analyst group writers on social medias about stocks. Based on over 20 years of investment experience and market researches. We are correct 90 percents of the time. However,

Due to a volatile market. Investors should think of risks of the market before investing into any stocks. We are not responsible for any lose.

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Twitter @kambase Published 11/8/2019



Target has reconfirmed that the company succeed take online purchase market shares from Amazon with a monster beat on top and bottom and raised full year guidance with 31 percents grow; 18.67B; 1.36 EPS. The number is exciting for any investors to purchase at these level as it's market cap is the smallest among the 3 Amazon; Target, and Walmart.


Anthony wood said on an interview ROKU is aiming for 50% of OTT platform market. It is doable for him to achieve the goal. ROKU is the number 1 TV streaming device and ROKU TV in US and expanding into international. It has became a trend steaming TV or Movie. ROKU got everything I meant everything of TV entertainment. 

ROKU completes the acquisition of Dataxu on 11/8, a 150 millions deal, with the new purchase of Dataxu, ROKU became even more stronger in OTT platform and ahead it's competitors.

Q3 Highlights

• Total net revenue of $260.9 million, up 50% Year-over-Year (YoY);

• Platform revenue of $179.3 million, up 79% YoY;

• Active Accounts of 32.3 million, a net addition of 1.7 million over last quarter;

• Streaming Hours increased 0.9 billion hours over last quarter, to 10.3 billion;

• Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) of $22.58 (Trailing Twelve Months), up 30% YoY;

• Gross Profit of $118.5 million, up 50% YoY; 

• Roku monetized video ad impressions again more than doubled YoY

ROKU sticks to EBITDA positive guidance by whole year. Q4 is coming up and Christmas rally is staged for ROKU. 

It is true that the market doesn't understand ROKU yet as some investors disconnected. But when the market is wondering GORKAM capital is buying here at around $120, setting price target $280.



ROKU number 1 TV streaming player over Thousands of streaming channels. ROKU platform is a 1 to many partnerships. It is number 1 pick by GORKAM Investment group due to cord cutting for TV streaming. ROKU TV market will now expand into Europe and Canada. CEO is aiming to take 50% streaming TV market. With Apple+ and Disney+ are entering into OTT, customers can pick any streaming show on ROKU TV/sticks becomes phonomenon.

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