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Blue Apron - APRN listed on NYSE

6/12/2018 Twitter @kambase

In the near future, consumer will start having foods ship to their home. Consumer will order what they want to cook at home. Reducing physical apperance at the supermarket spending hours or scratching their heads for what to cook for their family.  Instead food will be shipping to customer house without picking them out in supermarket. 

Blue Apron, a NYSE listed company that generated over $600 millions dollars in FY2018 revenue based on a new subscription model recursively shipping foods in a box to your comfortable home. The company is leading in the meal kit business. The meal kit market is huge and growing rapidly. Just last year alone meal kit market generated over 5 billions projecting 80 billions in 10 years.

Investors such as Kevin O'Leary - Mr. Wonderful on shark tank CNBC started investing into such business model. He is optimistic people will buy into such food service. The market is huge and growing. BlueApron is on the right track leading the meal kit market. 

Chrissy Teigen as one of the best seller of cook book joining Blue Apron to share her beloved cook recipes with all the people around the nation of her life style of cooking. 

In fact we cannot always go out to eat fast food. It's not healthy for our body intake processed foods. The food market trend is that who works hard and want a quality life. Mom always want new ideas to cook and bring the best food to the table. 

Blue Apron ships fresh healthy food and recipes, allowing consumer putting world class recipes on the table, for those who never cooked before they can cook following the steps, turns out to be extremely easy and fun. Easy to cook a world class meal by following a few simple steps from the recipe post cards. 

Consumer can learn about new idea of ingredients and cook a more healthier food for a better life style by ordering the meal kits. In the spring of 2018, New York City a Blue Apron pop store opened this spring 2018. where marketing to the home of 1.665 million people who's working hard living a modern life style. The place is warm and fill with joys and happiness. 

Meal kit business will be the future, it will grow strongly the next 10 years. Blue Apron IPO was initially at $15 then adjusted to $11.

The stock price has taken a hard hit since the IPO based on spending. The company has to proof they slow down their cash burn, proofing their business model works can go against other meal kit company. $APRN GORKAM investment group rated it as a buy, in short term the stock can reach $7 target.