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Consensus 2018

​GK, @kambase Published May 18, 2018

- Digital coins a new digital investment class, a new era of currency globally marketed. ICOs raised millions in short period of time. It's cap is unlimited. Investors want to get in because of the huge amount of money flowing into crypto coins drove value up, of course if investor invested into the right one, the profolio would be beautiful. 

At this stage, Digital currency became a new international currency allowing easy transactions in small or huge amounts of coins transfer over the internet without restrictions by governments and the blockchain is powerful.

Yes as investment if you can buy some low value stock and that low value stock grown year over year you will be success on the investment, However in Crypto world it's different. There are no quarterly earning release. There are no quarterly news. The value of a crypto coin is just based on what people say or what people think on social media platforms. The measurement metrics are very limited. It's a totally different ball game compare to investing into stocks. Investor has to be open minded.

GORKAM investment group just started invested into crypto in the beginning of 2018.

Warren Buffett said cryptocurrency will come to a bad ending on the 2018 annual shareholder meeting of Berkshire Hathaway. 

GORKAM fund have invested 1 percent into crypto,  as the CEO/founder I have took 2 days off attend this year's #XRPCommunity 2018 Consensus in NYC presenting myself as a Crypto Journalist.

What a convinent since living in NYC. 

However, it was raining and the Manhattan traffic wasn't quite good. So I decided to park at one of my favor wall street garage and took subway there. It was the first time I have taken subway since graduation, a very long time. Things have changed little, subway system gotten improved in NYC over the years after billions spent but it can be better. Eventually I think we need a boring project in NYC. Stopping MTA from ripping off NYC residents.

Anyway I got there. There were just too many people and booths. I am among the 85,000 people, almost 10,000 jumped from last year. The air wasn't good and it was tiring walking around the first half hour.

My instinct feeling was that the event is for inner circle of crypto world. Since the admission was priced at $1000. It is kind of discourage for new investors and public getting to know or explore invest into the crypto class. 

I did not achieve much on day 1, I even missed the Snoop Dogg performance for a dinner at NYC chinatown.

On day 2 things changed and gotten better.

Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter and Square speaks on that day. which I found some connection since we rated Twitter a buy. I have arrived to the event earlier because Jack going to make a speech. I want to observe and see how people react.

Here is my take on Jack's speech.

Crypto needs a native coin? Really? 

I think a coin ICO, after it gets onto the market it must be worth some value itself not based on other crypto coins. They should not tied up or interconnected with each other. So i don't agree with Jack, I think one alpha coin in each exchange market should exist in order for rest of the coins for exchange. For example, #Binance $BNB should be an alpha coin on it's platform for exchange. Not Bitcoin, not bitcoin cash, and also not ripple. But i will publish more articles about my Crypto investment ideas later on.

After that, I met some people. Some interesting powerful smart people. 

I like to write and introduce all of them, who I have met at the event and share my experience. 

Alexandra V Prodromos Business development manager, a nice pretty lady that first shake my hand. 

BLOQ a metronome token ICO will be on sale June 18, an US startup. Metronome tokens, $MET will initially by priced at 2 $ETH and will reportedly descend in price every minute until the supply is exhausted. Funds will be uncap. Which means they will establish as many coins as the market demands. The company is not looking for a particular target for its fundraising. Instead it is concerned with conducting a successful offering. In the general media press they expected about $200 millions of metronome tokens. I am little skeptical. As investment investors looking for transparency. with setting coin price uncap that means they can produce as many coins as they want. I wouldn't buy or recommand such coin as long term investment. Stay tune for articles published, we will dig a little dipper.

It was a good start, I moved on passing by CEO Founder Justin W Newton's booth NETKI.

I was talking with one of his associate Tom. Tom has a great look, he looks like Ryan Renolds, you know DEADPOOL 2. Turns out Justin W Newton is a company that helps ICOs in west coast. Not much information to share but it's good to know new friends. 

Moving on I met Streamr senior advisor Anders Eklund, a company based in Switzerland.

$DATA coin, the ICO was already completed, raised over 20 millions, the company has a data collection engine, developed based on algorithms, it created a platform allowing market to buy and sell data. The data such as your daily driving behavior. Genesis right?

I have spent almost one hour talking with Andres, trying to understand the company. Andres told me his age, he is a successful business consultant and one day he realize crypto is the future, he approached Streamr then became their senior advisor for the company. I can see the fun and the energy working for this company. Vice President passed by and handed me an energy bar. CEO/CTO Henri Phikala was there.....sitting there talking to his staffs. His entire firm came to New York for such an event. In the end I handed Andre my card and tell him if he needs anything just tweet me. He wants to know me more. They need great people to build value on top of their product. I said I can help.

Ending with a cup of coffee by a nice lady and gent from Streamr bar. I figured GORKAM investment fund have used 1% of our investment budget brought into Ripple $XRP. I must stopped by Ripple booth and say hi to it's team. Since it's 1 percent we did not diversify it and based on the deals and over 100 financial institutes signed up using ripple centralized network. They are an alpha coin in centralized market. Although I got a lot of negative feed backs from other crypto investors. They are not decentralized However, I like the blackchain being centralized and it's uniquness in crypto world. Therefore we brought it as the core coin for our fund investment. However i was disappointed. I was mistreated as a student looking for a job. I was asked to wait and ignored by 3 ripple representative. I even handed my card to a tall lady, she didn't look at it. I was patiently waiting to speak with her.....perhaps my skin. She ignored me. It's racism! In the end I was standing in front of their conference door, listening to Neil Chopra, Client Solutions Director speaking to someone else. He said that the value of $XRP is not related to how successful they are getting these banks or finanical institutions signing up. My first investment instinct, I didn't like that statement he made and sharing with investors or potential investors. Because it can hurt the $XRP value and making it goes down. During the conference $XRP price was dropped from $0.92 cents to $0.66 cents as of today, which is way more percentage drop then $BTC and $ETH during the crypto week. As of today after this #XRPcommunity conference. GORKAM investment fund sold 75% of $XRP reducing our investment holding to 25% due to such experience at the ripple booth.

So i was tired and I went down to the bar. 

I met a lawyer from Ukraine, Ovseychuk Ruslan, we immediately became friend talk about crypto future. He brought me a drink and some snacks. He said he will be in New York for a few months. He will have investors from Ukraine buying huge amount of crypto. I gave him my advice, telling him that only advice you should give to clients is only invest less then 10% of their current profolio. In coming days. There will be coins disappear and for risk management cannot go all in.

In the middle of our conversation.

Two guys sit down with their associates sharing our table. One guy smiled on me and I smiled back, he said if the name tag is belong to us. We said no, then I carry on my conversation with Ruslan but I over heard their conversation. It turns out he is Philipp Piepper, the CEO & Cofounder of SWARM. We shake hands and exchanged our business card.

SWARM Fund uses blockchain to democratize investment in real world business and projects. His entire team is now in China getting investors to use blockchain. SWARM has successfully raised ICOs they have over 20,000 investors. I was impressed one of his associate spoke mandarin to me. By sitting next to swarm fund team. I can feel that Philipp and his team's ambition, they are building value making investment better in the current crypto world. They are currently launching FARM token, an agriculture coin in africa and the fund will go live on 5/21/2018.

It was 7pm I was still chatting with Ruslan. Ruslan offer if I visit Ukraine he will be my guide, and make place for me to stay. I have watched Top Gear on one episode where they shot the episode in Ukraine. My memory of Ukraine runs by Nuclear power plants. Power must be very cheap there. So we talked about crypto mining, because a RIG I have recently build as an experiment I learned into the crypto market. I have shared my experience with him.

At the end, we must go and say bye, I said I would love to pay visit there one day, I drove Ruslan to Penn station because of puddle situation out there.

2/21/2021 After 2 years, my capital invested into #BNB. GORKAM Capital investment in crypto sector has grown 1,206% in just 2 years of time. So Warren Buffett was wrong about Crypto saying that it has no value. Bitcoin and BNB grown in to #1 and #3 coins. Chase, Square, and Tesla all brought into Bitcoin when crypto retrieve in 2019 and the beginning of 2020. Bitcoin bottomed 3000, but it is at $56000 a coin today.