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Twitter @kambase Published 7/3/2020

Amazon dropping out the race in pharmacy with Jeff Benzo stepping down of CEO. Retail pharmacy Rite Aid could be a spot light reignite the growth along with the pandemic in 20 Century. 

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AMC the wild reopen short squeeze #wallstreetbet play. Yes Movie theater never die, I grown up in movie theater, a safe place to get away from home, where I get inspirations. Perhaps movies help the world and society shape. It's where magical happen. Watching movies in theaters is just different from streaming at home. The sensation impact is much bigger and larger. Movie theater provide a place to hang and have fun for friends and families. 


Rite Aid in turn around mode. Long term investors are getting excited. In August, the year of 2019 Rite Aid hired CEO - Heyward Donigan and COO - Jim Peters. In Q3 2019 Rite Aid announced $.54 versus $.07 EPS. It is an indicator that the company turning around. While US starts reopening the economy, the government will rely on drug stores like Rite Aid to obtain tests in helping local communities across US. We expect to see vaccines shots rise in the fall. A new Rite Aid transform is coming!

ROKU is the next Microsoft. It has a platform reaching out internationally. OTT is over taking Traditional linear TV. Locked down due to COVID 19 skyrocketed users and users view time. Noticed all major and minor channels are on ROKU platform. Soon or later ROKU will be one of the most powerful company like Microsoft back in 2008......#MAGA stock.


The super vaccine race is on. INO-4800 DNA vaccine is on top of our list,  proven Safety and Immunogenicity 100%. The clinical result has a 100% on efficacy on 38 subjects taking INO-4800 with favorable safety and tolerability profile with no serious adverse events reported. The investment is not a COVID play but a driver proofing that the revolution of DNA medicine works to fight COVID19 virus and 3100 fights cancer cells that no others can do. along with other Therapeutic vaccines. INO price around $10, but this is our revolution play with BUY rating long term price target $280

Rite Aid has taken back some market shares lately. Q2 2020 earned 6 Billions in total Revenue up 12.2 Percents compare to Q1 2019. Reporting adj. loss 0.04 beating analyst estimate 0.48 by a mile. 

Stores foot traffics increase due to Rite aid is one of the three essential pharmacy national chain in the nation. US government is heavily rely on to reopen the economy. Rite Aid joined white house task force in this matter working closely with the US government. 

98 total COVID test sites has been reported open during the time. Feb 2021 over 1200 testing sites. 

Rite aid is renovating it business and remodel the stores to reestablish the true value to the society. A store in our community must go buying essential health supply. More elderly has visited the store during COVID time. Rite Aid has establish a store hour only for senior. 

New management team led by CEO Heywood Rutledge Donigan and COO James Joseph Peter are the key leaders turning this company around. So far we have seen they are doing everything right to recreate value to this company. GORKAM capital set $RAD #RAD a strong buy, target price $40 short term and $128 long term. 

ROKU wow the Strong Q4 and 2020, with the record revenue, gross profit and adjusted EBITDA, as consumers and the TV industry continued to shift to streaming. 

- Added 14.3 Millions to 51.2 millions active accounts

- 17 billions streaming hours

- ARPU $28.76 increased $5.62 YoY

- Gross Profit 63% YoY to 808 Million

- 38% of smart TVs sold in the US were Roku TV models

- Streaming hours increased by 20.9 billion hours YoY to a record 58.7 billion